The cost to fix todays new highly engineered vehicles keeps going up.  Don't let unexpected repair costs put a squeeze on your budget.  Protect your investment no matter what vehicle you buy. New or used, you're covered for an additional 150,000 miles when you buy from us.

What is Not Covered 
  • Repairs not receiving authorization from us 
  • Repairs to any vehicle that has not been manufactured to specifications required by any agency of the United States government for the approved operations on the roadways within the United States 
  • Vehicles designed to use fuels other than gasoline or diesel fuels or vehicles designed to use multiple fuels individually or in combination are considered hybrids and are not covered under this Limited Warranty 
  • Vehicles for which the title has been branded such as salvage, junk, rebuilt, totaled, floor, fire, or water damaged 
  • Repairs covered by a manufacturer's warranty whether or not such warranty has been transferred as many have been required by the manufacturer or such manufacturer's warranty has been cancelled or voided 
  • Any repairs or replacements made outside the continental United States or Canada or if the vehicle is registered or registration is transferred outside of the continental United States or Canada 
What to Do if You Need Repairs 
  • Prevent Further Damage: Take immediate action. 
  • Return Your Vehicle to the Dealership 
Additional Benefits 
  • Towing Coverage: In the event of a Mechanical Breakdown, you will be reimbursed for reasonable related towing charges not to exceed $80 per occurrence 
  • Emergency Repairs: If an emergency repair is needed for a covered failure under this Limited Warranty outside the selling dealer or Administrators hours of operation, you should deliver your vehicle to a licensed repair facility and authorize the necessary repairs to be performed at a reasonable and customary charge. The next day you must call us to report the emergency repair